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Showing Your Home

Once your home is on the market, there is nothing more important then having it show well. Here are some tips and pitfalls to avoid.

First of all, make your home as easy for real estate agents to show as possible. Always have your home ready to show at any time. Do not require appointments. Try to avoid any scheduling restrictions at all. This is hard - but your house has to be shown in order to sell.

If at all practical, make arrangements to be away during showings. This is important as your presence may make your potential buyers uneasy and they will not spend as much time in your home as they otherwise would.

Turn off televisions and entertainment units. Turn on some soft background music.

Open the drapes and turn on appropriate lighting. More lighting will almost always be better than less.

I do not recommend using heavily scented air fresheners or candles. A lit candle is a safety issue and many people are allergic to strong fragrances.

If time permits, give each room a quick "once over" for straightening or light dusting.

Set thermostats at a comfortable level before leaving. This is especially important during the hot, humid summer months.

Secure your pets. Your dogs might want to go for a ride during showings.