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Pricing Your Home

What is a CMA?

A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) uses information available through the Multiple Listing Service to estimate a market value range for a property based on the recent action of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. I will analyze and evaluate the following factors when estimating the market value of your property:

Successfully Sold Homes

Lists the selling price of recently purchased homes comparable to yours. This is the most important information when establishing a realistic selling price.

Competitive Properties Currently on the Market for Sale

Homes on the market that compete with your home. Since they are not yet sold, the market value is undetermined, but they are important, as buyers most likely will view and compare these properties with yours.

Pending Sales

Homes that are "under contract", but have not yet closed are pending sales. Since they have not yet closed, the market value is undetermined, but they are a good indicator of value in the current market.

Failed to Sell

Properties that were "for sale" but failed to sell. The listed price of these homes may suggest what potential buyers will NOT pay.

Some Factors That Do Not Affect Your Homes Value

It is important to remember that while you, the Seller, set the price, Buyers determine the value of the property. Some factors that don't affect the value of your property:

  • What you paid
  • What you need
  • What you want
  • What your neighbor says
  • What it would cost to rebuild it today

How Price Affects the Sale of your Property

  • As the price of a home rises, the number of potential buyers becomes smaller.
  • A home priced high, relative to the market, will take longer to sell (if it sells at all).
  • A home priced high, relative to the market, has fewer showings.
  • A home priced high, relative to yours, will help sell your home (and vice versa).
  • A home, correctly priced, takes maximum advantage of the attention focused on it during the first four weeks of listing. This is when the greatest number of agents and qualified buyers will view a property.
  • A home priced low, relative to the market, will sell faster but at a cost to the seller.

Ready to Get Started?

I would like to have the opportunity to list your home. Give me a call at 817-230-4008, or e-mail cindy@cindyruppert.com when you are ready to discuss the opportunities that my powerful Internet Marketing can bring to you, along with the advantages of working with Ebby Halliday.