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Fixing the Exterior of Your Home for Sale

The first thing I suggest is that you walk across the street and take an honest look at the exterior of your home. How does it compare to your neighbors? If you were a buyer looking at it from a real estate agent's car, would you want to go inside and see more?


There's an old adage in real estate: "If you can't see it, you can't sell it." If your hedges or other landscaping are so overgrown that they are hiding your house, do some serious pruning.

If your shrubs are sickly or nonexistent, buy some nice sized bushes and plant them. If you have an area for flowers, plant some mature colorful flowers. Also consider some colorful planters at the front door. Vibrancy and color will help with that all-important first impression.

Your lawn should be mowed, edged and free of brown spots and weeds. You may need to re-sod or re-seed brown areas. Do this early enough to allow the lawn to rejuvenate before placing your home on the market. Water and fertilize to keep the lawn lush and healthy. Remove any unsightly grass cuttings and leaves.

Your Home's Exterior

When you look at your house from across the street, does it look tired or drab? If so, consider painting. Choose a color that fits your home and neighborhood; it should not be garish nor unusual. Painting can be a great investment when trying for top dollar for your home.

If your home has gutters, clean them out. Gutters full of last year's leaves give an impression of neglect.

If you know your roof is leaking have it fixed. If you don't repair a leaking roof, you will have to disclose it to prospective buyers. Make sure you repaint any stains in the interior of the house.

The Front Door

Make sure that your front door is at its very best. This is the buyer's first close-up impression of your home, and sharply shapes how well the showing goes.

Make sure that the door opens easily and the key works smoothly. If the buyer's agent has trouble getting the front door open, it reflects negatively on your home. The buyer immediately begins to wonder how well the house has been maintained.

If the door needs painting or refinishing, get it done. Make sure all brass work is polished until it sparkles. Does the doorbell work? If not, have it fixed. If your door will accommodate a seasonal wreath, put one up. The front door should warmly welcome guests (and buyers) to your home!

The Backyard

The backyard is always an important selling point and yours should look as great as it can! It should welcome visitors as a place to relax and children to play.

The lawn should be kept mowed and in good shape, and the yard tidy. If you have a pool or spa, keep it sparkly clean and free of debris at all times. If you have dogs, make sure to regularly clean up after them. Talk about turning off a buyer! Try to keep your yard as free as possible of children's toys. Clean up any downed limbs or other eyesores. Keep hoses neatly coiled.