My Pets

Chula, a sable German Shephard dog


Chula is a rescued German Shephard Dog from the Humane Society of North Texas. She is so sweet and gentle (and fast) that I think she must have some Greyhound in her. Everyone loves her except for the squirrels in our yard!

Pita, a sable German Shephard dog


Chula needed a friend to run with, and my husband and I were definitely not up to the task! So we rescued another German Shephard Dog from the Humane Society of North Texas. Pita was abused and is very shy, but she plays well with Chula and they have become best buddies. She has started to come out of her shell a bit and we have great hopes for her future development. Like many abused dogs she has benefited from being renamed. She has been a bit of a pain, thus her new name. Now the squirrels are really in trouble. Of course, the dogs think they have the squirrels treed, but actually the squirrels have the dogs grounded!

Tippy, a happy white dog


Tippy was a "pound hound" that was rescued as a puppy. She came to us as a foster pet until she could find a new home. My husband fell in love with her and we adopted her. She was an important member of our family for many years - lively, playful, and too smart by half! We greatly miss her.

Exxon, a Maine Coon cat


Exxon was rescued from an Exxon station as a kitten, hence the name. He came to live with us when his family was transferred to Europe. Exxon was one of those great well mannered easy going cats that loves attention. He often kept me company while I did property searches for clients.

Sadly he passed away in April, 2008. He has left a surprisingly big hole in our home and hearts for such a little guy.

Queen James, a little fluffy yellow cat

Queen James

Queen James Too Too was named after Susie James, the Metroport Humane Society member who rescued her from a very bad situation. The "Too Too" was for too cute and too obnoxious. "Queen" simply captured her belief that she rules the world. She certainly ruled our house until she passed away in June, 2010. We miss her a lot.